It is high and correct time to update your knowledge on top statement ring style trends for 2020. This is the perfect ring type that can make your moments memorable. You need to choose that ring style that complements your style, taste, and also value. Besides, to know more and more about Damascus steel ringscheck out the respective details from here.

Solitaire ring style

Firstly, we have a solitaire ring style for you. This ring type is marked as one of the classic engagement ring styles. Furthermore, it is encompassed by one stone only. The real kind of beauty is present in this ring style. You can have a solitaire diamond in your ring as well. What you can do is to get a Damascus wedding band and mount a single solitaire on it. Hence, this whole ring style is going to much elegant.

Pave ring style

Next, we have this pave ring style. To personalize and fully customize your statement engagement ring, you can opt for this style. This is a beautiful ring style! In this kind of technique, tiny diamonds are embedded or you can go on having other gems as well. Moreover, this ring style manages to catch a huge amount of light and successfully glows and all go shine up.

Halo ring style

This engagement ring style is becoming a top trend these days. This ring comes in the form of a dazzling shimmer style. In addition, its center stone shines on great and best notes. This is a sparkly and hence one of the brilliant ring types that you can choose for your engagement. For such rings, white diamonds look the best of all. Or you can emboss a modest-looking stone to make these engagement rings look larger.

Three-stone statement engagement ring style

You may have heard about this ring type! It is this three-stone statement ring style. It looks incredibly romantic and full of love on your fingers. Besides, three stones are embossed and injected in this ring. No doubt, this ring style looks much symbolic. These three stones represent your past, present, and future. Hence, these are versatile rings that look immensely beautiful and also meaningful.

Channel setting statement ring style

Have you ever tried out this channel setting engagement ring style? This ring style looks similarly like we have paved setting ring type. Here the band or ring is decorated with some smaller diamonds. Beyond, this ring creates and produces many grooves on your fingers. So, if you want to give your ring that classy and elegant feel, try this style. This piece of elegance manages to draw attention from all people. The only drawback of this ring style is that it is trickier and tough to clean and its repairing process takes a bit longer time.

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